District 48 deserves a bright future


That’s why I’m running to represent you in the Georgia House

Our district is full of good, decent people. We care deeply about our families, our communities and the environment. And we support each other – from waving at families playing in the yard during your evening walk or meeting friends at a local restaurant – as good neighbors do.

I have been fortunate throughout my life to have had opportunities. Specifically, and so close to my heart, was the opportunity for one of my twin boys to have healthcare that saved his life. Chad was born with a heart condition (the same one that Jimmy Kimmel’s son has). Due to fantastic care and long open-heart surgery when he was 3, he’s still here and doing amazing things as a medical researcher at Emory. I will work for you to ensure that all families have this opportunity.

My fortune continued when our family moved to Roswell and we had the opportunity to have our kids attend some of the greatest public schools in the entire country. Due to this great education, one received scholarships to Vanderbilt, the other to Emory, and both were National Merit Scholars. And I truly believe that the public schools they went to right here in the 48th gave them that opportunity. I will work for you to extend that educational opportunity to all families.

One opportunity I am thankful for right now is the support our community gives to our “well-seasoned” residents. My father, a 92 year old WWII Navy veteran, lives with my husband and me. Before living with us here in the 48th, he’d lived his entire life in a small area of southern Louisiana, so moving to the big city was scary at first. But he’s now able to attend church every morning and be a part of our busy lives, in a safe and supportive community. I will work for you to guarantee that our seniors are treated with the respect and support they have rightfully earned.

I’m running to make sure that everyone on our street, in our neighborhood, in our cities – everyone in our diverse community that is House District 48 has an opportunity to live their best life possible. I have spent my entire career building consensus and getting things done. When you look around today, we need people that understand the big picture and will work with everyone to move us into the future.

Opportunity lets people flourish. Opportunity gives people choices and options that let them choose what is best for them and their family. I believe the future of the 48th can be full of opportunities, and I am excited to help lead us into this future.

My name is Mary Robichaux, and I am running to represent you.