Future of the 48th

Proudly Representing
GA House District 48



The following are the Principles which will continue to guide my actions as your Public Servant during my tenure as your Representative of District 48.

  • Elected Official = Public Servant

  • Actively listen to ALL constituents

  • Provide a voice for the constituents at the state capital

  • Facts will guide my decisions

  • Governing requires compromise


Ensure the availability of high-quality and affordable healthcare for ALL of our citizens

  • Sponsor legislation to expand the availability of Medicaid, which will:

    • Provide health insurance to more than 500,000 uninsured Georgians

    • Bring 60,000 jobs to GA funded by Federal Medicaid reimbursements

  • Review state regulation of health insurance company policies in regards to Emergency Room visit payments

  • Expand telemedicine opportunities as a means to provide high-quality and affordable care


Expand the availability of high-quality educational opportunity while improving the utilization of educational resources

  • Update the 30 year-old model for state funding of public schools

  • Oppose school funding models that adversely impact public schools

  • Explore and implement state-wide anti-bullying programs

  • Expand public partnerships for high school vocational training programs

  • Create a business counsel to ensure schools are providing education required by the business community


Provide traffic options to reduce commute times and increase safety while ensuring cost-effective use of transportation revenues

  • Create a Georgia Infrastructure Bank to reduce the cost and timeframes to implement transportation improvements

  • Explore expanded use of tele-working for State of Georgia jobs

  • Provide continued oversight of TSPLOST expenses and programs to ensure they are achieving their goals

  • Expand financial support for bike-able and walkable solutions throughout our district


Pass legislation to ensure living, working, and educational environments are safe from preventable gun injury or death

  • Ensure background checks for all gun purchases at gun shows and online

  • Ensure people on the federal ‘No Fly’ list cannot purchase a gun

  • Eliminate sale of bump stocks and high-capacity magazines

  • Put in place judicial procedures to issue Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs)

  • Increase the legal age to purchase any weapon to 21


Provide adequate resources to prevent and treat the on-going opioid tragedy in our community.

  • Implement Opioid awareness programs in every school in Georgia

  • Require insurers to pay for proven treatment methods, including long-term treatment for those addicted

  • Provide financial support to local public service organizations working to collect unused medications from the home


Move Georgia to 1st place in all major metrics of economic viability when measured against its peer states in the Southeast

  • Explore the tax-free sale of IPO proceeds after 5-year waiting period, encouraging the choice of Georgia as a location for start-ups

  • Support the establishment of entrepreneurial incubators

  • Implement innovative work-sharing programs for appropriate state employee positions

  • Provide tax-breaks for Veteran-owned businesses, supporting those who have supported us


Pass criminal justice reform for the benefit of those incarcerated as well as all Georgia citizens.

  • Treat with respect all citizens, regardless of race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation

  • Provide GBI oversight of major officer-involved shootings

  • Review state regulations and policies to ensure they treat all citizens fairly and equally


Dismantle the systems that perpetuate the disproportionate criminalization and incarceration of people of color.

  • Invest resources in schools serving low-income neighborhoods and ending the school-to-prison pipeline

  • Enforce thorough and independent investigations of officer involved shootings

  • Repeal the “Stand Your Ground” law in the State of Georgia

  • End cash bail for appropriate offenses