Mary Robichaux

The Future of the 48th District

Georgia was once the envy of its peers in the Southeast and across the US.  I am running to bring Georgia back to the prominence it last knew under a prior generation of leadership … to create a future we all want for our children.

I have heard and share your concerns and your fears.  But mostly I have heard your hopes and dreams.  I will be your voice, fighting for you, your children, your family, and your community every day.  By bringing your voice – a voice of measured reason and common sense to a body often lacking in those most basic of qualities – I will help us all to build the Future we all want for ourselves and the generations to follow.

Now is the time to stand up and make your voice heard, to claim shared values, and create positive changes that we all know are possible with the right leadership.  Working together, everyone in our diverse community will have the opportunity to live their best possible life.

I have spent my entire career building consensus and getting things done. When you look around today, we need people that understand the big picture and will work with everyone to move us into the future.

The following are some of the basic principles I will pursue throughout the time that I have the privilege to be your public servant.

All citizens deserve affordable healthcare and high quality education.  Every person in the 48th will benefit from improved transportation and increased opportunities to prosper  Every person has the right to live in a community with common sense gun safety laws.


 Ensure the availability of high-quality and affordable healthcare for our ALL citizens

  • Sponsor legislation to expand the availability of Medicaid to:

    • Provide health insurance to hundreds of thousands of uninsured Georgians

    • Help struggling hospitals serve their communities

    • Bring tens of thousands of jobs to GA (thousands of them to North Fulton) funded by Federal Medicaid reimbursements

  • Review state regulation of health insurance company policies in regards to Emergency Room visit payments

  • Expand telemedicine opportunities as a means to provide affordable care

Provide traffic options to reduce commute times and increase safety while ensuring cost-effective use of transportation revenues

  • Create a Georgia Infrastructure Bank

    • Reduce the cost and timeframes to implement transportation improvements

    • Enable local municipalities, like Roswell, to provide innovative transportation solutions to their constituents at a lower cost in a shorter time frame

  • Expand financial support for bike-able and walkable solutions throughout our district

    • Ensure state support for expansion of city and county-sponsored programs to expand networks for bike paths and sidewalks

Expand the availability of high-quality educational opportunity while improving the utilization of educational resources

  • Enhance the equity in the funding of public schools

    • Re-work the 30-year old school district funding program

  • Explore and implement state-wide anti-bullying programs

    • Leverage successful anti-bullying programs currently in use

  • Expand public partnerships for high school vocational training programs

    • Expand funding for vocational career training

  • Create a business counsel to assist all district schools

    • Ensure schools are providing education required by the business community

Move Georgia to 1st place in all major metrics of economic viability when measured against its peer states in the Southeast

  • Explore the tax-free sale of IPO proceeds after 5-year waiting period

    • Encourages choice of Georgia as a location for start-ups

  • Support the establishment of entrepreneurial incubators

    • Encourages choice of Georgia as a location for start-ups

  • Expand efforts to support enhanced work/life balance

    • Implement innovative work-sharing programs for appropriate state employee positions

  • Provide tax-breaks for Veteran-owned businesses

    • Support those who have supported us

    Explore providing tax-breaks for minority-owned and women-owned businesses

Pass Georgia-specific legislation to ensure living, working, and educational environments are safe from preventable gun injury or death

  • Ensure background checks for all gun purchases

    • Eliminate gun show and online purchase loopholes

    • Ensure people on the federal ‘No Fly’ list cannot purchase a gun

  • Eliminate sale of high-capacity magazines

  • Repeal GA-law that removes reported involuntary psychiatric admissions to the federal registry after 5 years

  • Put in place judicial procedures to issue Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs)

  • Increase legal age to purchase any weapon to 21

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